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FDBL' was created out of search for a safe space for leaders to come together, share, & grow in our faith and knowledge (business and life) journey together. FDBL is a creative space where blended (less experienced and more experienced) leaders share inspiration, collaborate, share tools, knowledge, resources, and take the limits off of what they believe they can become by challenging and growing together both URL and IRL.


Our Mission


To every part of the world & create solutions to build communities (boost local economies) through faith, connection, and resources.



In faith, mindset, character, knowledge/information, wisdom, resources, access, experiences & impact.



Tools, resources (finances, time, talents, etc).

Image by Gary Butterfield

Our Vision

Faith Driven Business Leaders (FDBL) will go to all parts of the world leading and paving the way for growth and opportunity for the communities we serve.


Creativity and collaboration are at the forefront of who we are as leaders across various industries (technology, film/television/media, finance, hospitality, real estate, health/wellness, investments, etc.).